Sunday, September 11, 2011

Williams: I'm not anti-Mexican

Just when I had thought to give Katt Williams a break, I find out about this -ish. I'm okay with him trying to take the angle that he isn't anti-Mexican and therefore has nothing to apologoze for, except a dig at Tracy Morgan. Yes, Katt, you do need to apologize. Your comments were not part of your act, but a stream of conciousness rant that came out of your mouth. I've seen the video and you were UPSET to say the least. I'm not gonna get into the whole 'I love America' bit as I now have a federal job and have to watch what I say because we are gearing up for another election and I'm certain the cards will not fall in my favor. I am, however, going to take on his last comment: "I'm Christian and I'm straight." Katt, do you know how much your personal rights have been trod upon by white, Christian, straight, America? How can you say that and not believe that you won't be the next one they come for? Do you think the illegal Russian immigrants that forward the prostitution industry and sex-slave trade have half the issues of Mexican people who have not only immigrated to America, but immigrated back onto their homeland? Their birthright? I've always detected a bit of homophobia wafting from Katt, but to make that statement, in addition to the Tracy Morgan dig, tells me he has little to no respect for the other individuals trying to claw their way into having rights that are supposedly guarenteed to every US citizen.

I know, I know, he was just making a dig at Texas liking only Christian and straught folk, but lets get two things clear: Texas, Arizona and California belonged to Mexico first and not all the defenders of of the Alamo were Christian. That's right. Jim Bowie was a slave trader and non-believer. However, Texans laud him as a hero. They fail to mention Salvador Flores, Jose Gregorio Esparza, Alexandro de la Garza and others. Now, I'm certain that Texan school children are made to memorize a list of who died and thus many Texans might vaguely remember these men. The rest of America does not, however. What about the black Americans who gave their lives during America's famous battles? I would love to hear how much Katt knows about Anthony Johnson of 1620 Virginia. I would love to hear what he thought of this man's opinions on white people in America and relations between whites any other race.

The dig at Tracy Morgan taking back his rant kills me because Tracy should have taken it back. Also, Tracy thought it would be funny and it wasn't coming out of anger at a heckler. Tracy is a real man, or at least I hope he is. I genuinely hope Katt is as well, as I plan on giving him more of my hard earned money.

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  1. Lord knows I love me some Katt Williams but he most assuredly needs to get his ish together. That was not kosher. I too would like to keep funding his career, as he makes me laugh to no end, and he is one of the most gifted comedians to come along since Chris Rock. *nods* The fact that he's a fellow pygmy doesn't hurt.

    But ever since coming to Houston, I've been hit with a barrage of anti-Mexican sentiments, it's revolting, and since Katt Williams's style of humor is basically socially observant comedy, he ought to know better.